EB Curtain is the product of an enthusiastic young man by the name of Mr. Chong Kok Peng, with the dream of a place that gave people the luxury of choice to transform homes, office spaces or living areas into exactly what you have imagined. Transforming ideas into realities according to your needs and desires. ​With eighteen years of expertise in the field, EB Curtain has always been the number one choice for admired home owners and business of various sizes looking to express that touch of luxury and elegance in their designs. ​Our dedicated team of professionals paired with the diverse range of home accessories options, workmanship and service, is at the core of what we do. Driven by the passion to understand (and in many case, exceeding) the needs and expectations of our clients, EB Curtain continue to bring that element of life, love and vibrancy into your sacred space. ​